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Never Judge A Book By It's Cover Adult Play | October 14th and 15th

Author Tyeisha Downer brings her novel Never Judge A Book by It's Cover to life in her latest Adult Play. Come join us on October 14th and 15th at Downtown Cultural Art Center 401 N. Howard street Baltimore MD 21201.

Ruby is a lonely girl with low self-esteem, trying to make the best of her so-called life. Times are tough with no family or friends to depend on in her time of need. One day, she meets Ambiance, who is the direct opposite of Ruby. She helps Ruby discover the fire within herself. Travel with Ruby as she goes through a transition from an ugly duckling to a confident and free woman. In her journey she will experience betrayal and will also get both sweet revenge and her own happy ending. So often we look at what appears on the outside surface, never wanting to know what is displayed on the inside. Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were to take a glance through someone else’s eyes? Sometimes, things can appear to be rusted, worn and torn, maybe even considered unappealing to your eyes. Other times, things can appear to be beautiful on the outside, but are rotten to the core. Far too often, these are the things we adore. Everyone has a story inside, through the worn covers and rustling pages. You may be amazed if you take a deeper look inside. Imagine what it would be like to be mesmerized, shocked even, by what you see when you take a look beyond judging a book by its cover.

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