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5 Signs That He's Mr. Right

It's complicated to escape the desire to find true love we're reminded practically everyday from seeing it on television screens, Cute couples are constantly on social media with adorable selfies displaying love and affection. Just during the holidays alone my time line was flooded with new engagement pictures. This past Valentine's day it was nearly impossible to get a reservation, because everything was booked prior. It's no surprise that love is in the air, and a few of us may appear to be lonely waiting on Mr. Right hoping that he will come right along and sweep us off our feet, but when he does will you be prepared? How will you know if he is Mr. Right?

Well let's sit back and make an observation of your potential Mr. Right.

1. Does he listen to you?

Let's be honest when a guy first meets you it is quite possible that it is a physical attraction. His personal strategy maybe, how is he going to make that crucial touch down? Getting you in the sheets without making promises of forever just may be in his agenda. Not in every scenario especially; If he's potentially Mr. Right.

If he is indeed Mr. Right he will be interested in your mind, hopes, and dreams. It goes far beyond a physical attraction. Mr. Right would want to listen attentively, so that he could know what your interest are "Remember" A man generally know's what category he is going to place you in from first initial meeting all that is needed is additional research.

2. Does he use the word we verses I?

Men usually know exactly what they want in most situations they have a plan that is engraved in stone of what they want in life.

When your with your fella does he incorporate the word we or is it constantly I? If the focus is strictly on I than surely it could never be a we situation. Remember that it's no I in team or we. If your fella always includes we than you know he has plans for you. He may be Mr. Right.

3. Does he encourage you to go after your dreams?

Guys are simple feed, love, and respect them and you will go pretty far some may have a really detailed lay out of what they want in life. Different strokes for different folks depends on your type. Rest assure that if you have a guy that supports you in your endeavors rather he fully understands the dynamics of your dream, but still supports your vision. Guess what? You may be with Mr. Right.

4. Do you trust him?

Can you go long periods of time without talking to your man? Does he try to put your insecurities at ease? In despite of Whatever! you put him through, and trust me some of us are not the easiest to convince, yet you trust him anyway. Maybe you are with Mr. Right.

5. Can you envision life without him?

Relationships have their fair share of love and war, and some days let's face it we are simply not in the mode to deal with foolishness, arguments, or issues. The idea of leaving your mate surfaces your mind a dozen times. Suddenly your convinced that this is it, but something reminds you that you've shared more good times verses bad than you decide to stay and work it out.

Well that may be an indication that you have met your Mr. Right.

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