Notes To Self

Dare to dream and use your imagination. anything is possible if you just believe. 2. Never let eyesight impair your vision. 3. Faith takes you where you need to go. 4. If you wake up wanting to do it you. probably should. 5. Never give up.

5 Signs That He's Mr. Right

It's complicated to escape the desire to find true love we're reminded practically everyday from seeing it on television screens, Cute couples are constantly on social media with adorable selfies displaying love and affection. Just during the holidays alone my time line was flooded with new engagement pictures. This past Valentine's day it was nearly impossible to get a reservation, because everything was booked prior. It's no surprise that love is in the air, and a few of us may appear to be lonely waiting on Mr. Right hoping that he will come right along and sweep us off our feet, but when he does will you be prepared? How will you know if he is Mr. Right? Well let's sit back and make